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A Simple Guide to Creating Valuable AI Content
A Simple Guide to Creating Valuable AI Content in 2024. Follow These Guidelines and Tips for Search Engine Success.
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Why Google Rankings is a Better Indicator of SEO Success than Website Traffic
Cityline Websites has been around for 21 years now. During this time, we have done online marketing for hundreds of clients, in many different industries. Read here to learn more!
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Pros and Cons of Using AI for Writing Blogs
If you follow tech news, you may have noticed that AI is a hot topic. In today's blog we are going to discuss the pros and cons of using AI for blogs.
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Apple Business Connect
Apple Business Connect is a program that can add your business to Apple Maps and display a "Place Card" brim-full of information about it.
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Are Google Ads Right For Me
Not all industries are well suited for Google Ads.  I don’t recommend Google Ads for many ecommerce companies selling “average” items. There is just too much competition and often margins are too small to warrant online ads for things like T-shirts or shoes online.  The world is a big place and chances are that you’ll be paying too much for not enough profit. Real estate is another sector where I am hesitant to recommend Google Ads. 
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Ranking in other areas
Q: How can I rank high in cities other than where I am located? A: In short: Add location specific pages. Seek local links and engage your reviewers consistently.
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This article consists of a brief overview of Google Ads conversions for local businesses. It does so by looking specifically at their development, what they are and what conversions are unique to local businesses, how they are used, and what role they play in determining the value of click traffic and campaigns generally.
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