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Why Shut Down Google Plus?

So, it has finally come. This release is ironic as a security breach has just made the news, but the writing was on the wall.  Google has given up trying to be the new Facebook with Google+. Started back in 2011, Google felt they could provide an alternate, maybe better product that everyone would jump to use over Facebook. Rumor on the street was that the exec’s bonuses were somewhat tied to the success of Google Plus. There were some early adopters who would create a pretty good name for themselves and drag their friends and friend’s friends into the new Google environment.

Unfortunately for Google, the general public weren’t ready to leave Facebook for Google. There were other alternatives to Facebook that have done well because they provided something different. Instagram & SnapChat are a couple examples. I feel Google didn’t provide any advantage over Facebook. And if everyone was already on Facebook, why change to this new Google+ platform.

As a marketing company, we found Google+ useful. Confusing at times, but useful. We encouraged our business clients to post on Google Plus and early on we had great success – primarily because nobody else was doing it and Google was pushing it really hard.

But if the consumer isn’t using Google Plus, then what’s the point? Enter Project Strobe… Announced October 8, 2018, Google is taking action to further protect your data and improve compatibility of its products with the mobile world. Mixed in with this is to kill Google+ for consumers.

When will Google+ be shut down?

According to Google, Google Plus will be shut down within the next 10 months – completing in August 2019. There will be changes to the enterprise version of Google+ but we aren’t sure of what those will be yet. Looks like it will morph into intra-business communication tool (Sharepoint???). We’ll see what happens.

Will The Shutdown of Google+ Affect me?

Are you an avid Google Plus user? Didn’t think so. So probably not. If you are a business owner, there are already ways to get out messages to the world through your Google My Business account. So for business owners, you may have to take down the icon on your website that leads to your dormant Google+ account. Maybe you even have the G+1 button on your website. You can take that down too.

Google Will Live On

Google is big - they can do whatever they want. I can’t think of how many ventures they have tried, companies purchased, and ways they have been changing the world. Big successes include YouTube and self-driving cars. Some not so successful endeavors include Google Glasses, Google Buzz, and Picasa. Add Google+ to that list. Rest in peace Google Plus, rest in peace.

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