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online market strategySo... you are starting up a new business and want to take it places.  Are you wanting a home-based business or take over the world selling fidget spinners? Are you jumping in with both feet, or are you looking at slow growth as you migrate away from a current job?  What you do and your intentions make a big difference in how you approach the marketing of your company.

Step 1: Have A Business Plan

I’m assuming you have a business plan.  If you don’t have a business plan, then you REALLY should think about doing one.  A business plan outlines the steps of your business – what you are doing, how you are doing it, and expectations along the way.  In a business plan, you will determine much of the information a marketing company would need to determine the best way to build your business the way you want it to go.  You may need some advice from your marketing company to advise you on what should be done, but you need most of your business plan prior to engaging with your marketing team.

Step 2: Determine How to Market Your Business

Here is where you should discuss your business model and aspirations with your marketing team.  The type of business and how fast you want to grow your business will have a tremendous effect on how the marketing should go.

In this section I will introduce some concepts that in future articles will be expanded upon using case studies and general industry experience.

Are You Trying To Grow Your Business Fast Or Slow?

If you have hired staff and have invested in a physical location or expensive equipment, you will likely want to grow your revenue quickly. You will have major expenses immediately.  This means you need your online marketing to be good, and work fast.  Well Google is in charge of the searches (at least the ones you should care about), so they dictate how quickly they move you in their rankings. 

Here is my general recommended approach to companies that come to me looking for fast revenue.

Online Marketing Campaign for Fast Growth

  • Website - need great content & sufficient content
  • Do search engine optimization of your website
  • Google AdWords - this is the single most effective way for quick business
  • Facebook Ads (if an appropriate audience)
  • Aggressive Social Media campaign (depending on business type)


For new companies looking for a more gradual growth, you can do more yourself, and save some money. 

Online Marketing Campaign for Gradual Growth

  • Website - need great content & sufficient content
  • Do search engine optimization of your website
  • Write blog articles yourself
  • Social Media campaign yourself (depending on business type)


Types of Business

The type of business you have will dictate the most effective online marketing practices.

I’ve commented on the importance of SEO, Online Advertisings (eg Google AdWords), and Social Media for a few different types of businesses.

Personal Services (eg Chiropractor, Physio, Plumber, etc)

You should be looking for long term rankings in Google (SEO), but AdWords can be profitable in most cases.  Social media is good for brand recognition, but I feel is the least important form of online advertising for personal service businesses.


You will be hardpressed to get business through SEO, therefore I recommend Social Media and Google AdWords.  Traditional face-to-face marketing still rules for marketing of Realtors

Retail Sales with Online Store

If you are selling something unique, then general SEO could be very useful. If you are not (eg selling plain t-shirts), then you need to focus on your location.  Google loves local businesses.  So if you are selling blue t-shirts in South Surrey, you won’t be found for a search being done in Alberta – so I recommend only going for realistic targets.  Retail is great for social media.  Online advertising can be useful, but only if done very well and if return on investment is being monitored.

Security Company

If you are wanting to do online marketing for a security company, SEO is the best long term use of your money.  Once you rank higher, the business will com.  AdWords CAN BE an effective form of marketing, IF there is not too much competition.  I often don’t recommend advertising on Google for generic security systems in a really competitive market.  Social media is good for showing the company’s legitimacy and personality, but likely won’t bring in too much business unless used aggressively.



Well this post likely did not answer all the questions you had about online marketing of your new business, but that wasn’t the point.  Really, the marketing plan needs to fit the business, the clientele, and the growth schedule.  If you have any questions, Cityline Websites would be glad to help. 

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