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Normally, I would say not to care about optimizing a website for Bing. Google Optimization is far more valuable. From what I have seen, over 90% of search engine visits to my website are through Google. However, having said this, Bing has a very important foot in the door. That door is in the house of Facebook. Last year this time, over 60% of people had a Facebook account. I’m not sure what the numbers are. People live in Facebook, spending literally hours a month reading up on friends, writing about their dinner last night and seeing who has the best profile pictures.

Why does that matter? Well people are generally lazy. If they need to find information on a topic, they will do a search. Well at the top of the Facebook page there is a search. This search will find Facebook pages for sure, but there is also a web component. And guess what company is used for the web search? Yes, it’s Bing.

Well so what – what does this mean to me? How is Google different than Bing? There are generally fairly subtle differences in the algorithm for getting found by Google Versus Bing. I believe I have read rumors that Bing has tried to determine the Google algorithms for themselves.

There is one very big difference where you can do well with Bing, but not Google. That is with keyword specific URLS (eg websitedesignersurrey.com). Bing rates the keywords in the URL extremely high. So how do you use this? If you have a website URL that is not keyword rich, you may want to think about making satellite sites that are very keyword-centric. This has worked for me.

Go ahead – do a search for website designer surrey in Google and then in Bing. My little one pager “websitedesignersurrey.com” is ahead of my “citylinewebsites.com” in Bing. Google has a much different ranking.

So for those of you in Facebook doing a search for a “website designer in surrey” will likely find my satellite site (which links to my main site).

So the moral of the story is…
If you have the ability, then create a content rich URL, even if it’s a one-pager. It will help you get found on Facebook.

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