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One of the many factors in determining your website’s position on Google is its PageRank. The higher your Page Rank, the better chance you have at doing well. Below, we discuss PageRank, why you should care, and how to improve your webs
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Google Adwords or Facebook Ads
October 27th, 2013 in Facebook, Google
So you have a website and you want to advertise online. What is better – Google Adwords or Facebook Ads? Well here’s my answer based on client results and knowing something about how these all work.
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A responsive design is a website that adapts to the screen size. A website designed for a large monitor is not ideal for a smart phone and vice versa. Therefore, responsive design was created.
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What is Responsive Design?
March 18th, 2013 in Web Design, Web Programming
Responsive web design… You may have heard this term when looking for a website. Maybe some web designers talk to you about responsive design and others don’t.
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