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SEO, Online Advertising & Social Media Services

Online marketing has become more complex, with various avenues for promotion of your small business on the web. Ways to market your business online include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Online Advertising
  3. Social Media Marketing

Every business is different. Cityline Websites will recommend what online marketing options are best for you.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Climbing to the Top of Google...

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is the methodical process taken to improve your website ranking in the search engines.  Changes are done directly to your website, or work on external websites which link to your website. We feel that Search Engine Optimization / SEO is often the most important part of marketing your business online, with the best long term bang for the buck.  But don't expect SEO to get you to the top of Google right away. This form of online marketing takes time for success and continued effort to maintain your ranking.

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2. Online Advertising

Online Marketing with Instant Gratification...

Online Advertising means just that - advertising your business online.  Creation of ads that lead to your business website may be graphical or text.

You can advertise on search engines (plus affiliates), on social media sites, or on other websites with content related to the products or services you provide. When you set up an ad, it runs right away. 

You can launch a website and the next day have thousands of visitors come to your website through your ad(s).

Online Advertising generally means paying money to the advertiser. Search engines charge every time someone clicks on your ad or per impression (the number of times your Ad appears on the screen). Other websites charge by the day, week or month.

Google Ads & Facebook / Instagram Ads are probably the most common ad platforms - but they may not be the best. Have the Cityline Websites crew create powerful online advertising campaigns to maximize the traffic to your website.

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3. Social Media

Creating Conversations and Getting Recommendations...

Social Media is a form of online marketing which can be an essential part of a business success.  A good word or a recommendation goes a long way toward someone choosing or buying from an online company.  Google knows this, and likely uses recommendations and comments to determine your placement in their rankings.

Cityline Websites is a strong believer in empowering our clients to learn how to do their own social media. We have great training programs to take you from newbie to expert.

Whether it be Facebook, Google My Business, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn or another social media platform, we can help advise.

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