Optimizing Your Google Local Services Account

The key to doing well with Google Local Services is to maintain your account. Be quick to respond. Keep your account up to date. And do a good job!

Using Your Dashboard

google local services dashboard

1) This is a capture of a dashboard’s Leads area. You want to check it very often to mark your leads as booked or to archive them. As you can see, no leads are marked as booked. This is a situation to avoid.

2) If you click on the phone number of each lead, you can open a new window where you will be able to archive the lead, if it came to nothing, or mark it as booked if you booked a service or if you scheduled an appointment (top right of the window).

3) Once you marked it booked, you will be allowed to enter the client’ details and to listen to the recorded conversation (bottom right of the window). This is not only important for record keeping, but it can also help you dispute calls you believe not to be proper leads, but GSL charged as leads.

None of these options are available, of course if the call was missed.

google local services lead summary

4) After you booked a lead, you can request a review by switching on the slider control that reads “Ask for a review now.”

Remember to do this all the time: it is particularly important for Google Local Service.

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