Applicable taxes will be added to the prices.  Work will begin once all the content has been received. 

Website Design

Cityline Websites Ltd may include stock photos (from adobe.stock.com) or from content client may have already.  Once the design has been completed, it will be sent for client approval. Upon written approval (via email), any further design changes will be billed at the hourly rate.  

Monthly Payment Plan

If on the monthly payment plan, Cityline Websites Ltd will require a recurring payment to a PayPal account.  If at any time the credit card is rejected, Cityline Websites Ltd will attempt to contact the client to resolve the non-payment.  In the event that the payment still cannot be processed, this can be considered as breach of contract and Cityline Websites Ltd has the right to immediately discontinue hosting of the website without notice and without compensation to the client.

Content Ownership

Cityline Websites Ltd retains complete ownership over the design and programming.  The client owns the text and images on the website.  If the client cannot copy this information from the website, Cityline Websites Ltd can provide the client with this content, for a nominal fee.

Domain Names

Cityline Websites Ltd can hold the domain name(s) "in trust" for the client under the name Cityline Websites Ltd. Cityline Websites Ltd may be on title however client will retain and own the website names in equity and legally.  If in the future, the domain name(s) are to be transferred at the client’s request, Cityline Websites Ltd agrees to assist in that transfer of title, etc. without impedance.

Copyrighted Information

Neither Cityline Websites Ltd. or staff of Cityline Websites Ltd are responsible for any unauthorized use of images, video or content on the website, which has been provided by the client.  Any legal action as a result of any such content is solely the responsibility of the client.

Google Rankings Disclaimer

Google does not disclose how they determine the rankings of any website on their search engine.  Because of this, and the unknown level of competition, the position attained by your website is in no way guaranteed by Cityline Websites for any key word or phrase.

Website Hosting

While attempts have been made to ensure hosting through Cityline Websites Ltd is secure and reliable, there are no guarantees made for time on-line, or the websites security being compromised.   Any time spent diagnosing errors and fixing compromised websites may be invoiced to the client.  If this is the case, the client will be first advised of the issue and associated costs to rectify any situation.  Hosting through Cityline Websites Ltd is done on a dedicated server, meaning there is a hard drive with the hosting company containing only websites by Cityline Websites.  This ensures faster loading times, better security, and less of a change to be associated with unsavory sites.

Programming Guarantee

Websites built by Cityline Websites Ltd are created with best programming practices in mind and are built to work sufficiently on the major browsers for laptops, and tablets, plus are compatible with smart phones.  Due to the rapid nature of technology changes, Cityline Websites guarantees the look and functionality of the website for 6 months after completion.  Any feature which needs to be upgraded beyond the 6 month guarantee may be fixed at a cost to the client, with the client's prior consent.

Website Updates

Most content changes can be made by the client through an administration panel.  Cityline Websites Ltd also provides this service if the client is unable or unwilling to make updates to their website.  In the case that Cityline Websites Ltd is requested to make changes to a client website, Cityline Websites Ltd requires all the information in an electronic form.  Minor changes will be billed at a set hourly rate, at 15 minute intervals.  No guarantee is made as to the timeliness to these changes, but Cityline Websites Ltd strives to maintain great customer service and therefore targets a 1-2 day turnaround time.

Website Upgrades

Cityline Websites Ltd can upgrade features, layout or add new modules to an existing website.  In each case a customization fee and / or an additional monthly fee may be required.  Any additional fees will be discussed first with client.

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