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When you approach a website design company you assume you like the people, are getting a website design you like and a price that you can manage.  But how do you compare companies?  There is no standard web designers have to follow, and it’s definitely not apples to apples. 

So, what makes Cityline Websites different?

We feel the biggest reason to use Cityline Websites for your website design is that our custom websites are built better than any other company can provide. We use the best hosting available and you will not have to ever worry about your website being hacked.  All this at a very reasonable price point.  Our goal is to keep you as client and help you grow your business.


If You Operate a Business and Want a Great Online Presence, You Want Your Website to:

  1. Be easy to use
  2. Be secure and
  3. Rank well in Google. 

Here's what Cityline Websites has done to make that happen.

1. Our Websites Are EASY TO USE

After being frustrated with WordPress, Cityline Websites decided to build a website system that was easier to use, better for Google and never gets hacked. 10 years, 25,000 hours of development and 1000+ websites later, The Cityline website framework (Cityline CMS) is robust, easy-to-use, and VERY Google friendly. 

  • No programming required
  • All the features you need are customized
  • See your edits as you are making them (front-end editing)
  • Take advantage of our personal tutorials and ongoing customer service 

NOTE: What is a CMS? 
A CMS (or content management system) is a framework that your website is built that allows the user to make changes to a website without having to know any programming.  Nearly all sites these days have some sort of CMS.  WordPress is the most common CMS, but also Joomla & Drupal are used.

2. Our Websites are VERY SECURE

No weekly plugin updates required.  No updates required, ever!  Besides very tight programming, the Cityline CMS is more secure than open source (public) frameworks because hackers don’t know how it’s programmed.


Our programming team has worked very closely with our marketing team to ensure we have done everything we can to get our websites fully optimized for Google.

Our CMS contains only the code you need.  Other programs are full of unnecessary files & code.  Not ours!  There are also a few special edits that nobody else does to help webpages to rank higher. (ask us about siloing).

Performing well for Google is also about having very good website hosting. Our website hosting is pretty much as best you can get, using a premium dedicated server with solid state drives results in quick loading times and gives your website the best chance to do well in the Google rankings.

Google uses a tool called Google Page Insights to determine how efficient your website programming and hosting are.



How does yours compare?

Contact Us for more information on why the Cityline CMS is better than WordPress.

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