Custom Responsive Web Design in Vancouver

Cityline Websites provides exceptional custom website design services for our clients. We stand behind our designs and you don't pay unless you are completely satisfied with what our designers have created.

We listen to your design requests and needs in order to create a website that properly reflects you and your business.

Responsive Web Designs

Cityline Websites is now providing fully responsive design websites, customized to your requests. A responsive web design is a design that adapts to the size of the screen. There are many different screen sizes and a responsive design is required to ensure the website looks good on any device. This may mean that the main banner shrinks to fit the width, the number of columns change, or design elements appear or disappear as the screen size changes.

Responsive Website Design

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Designing a Great Website

Website design is not just about great looking websites. There are several factors good web designers consider when designing a website.

The first is the look / design itself. The website should be relevant, attractive use an appropriate colour-scheme and be of useful dimensions.

The client needs to be happy with the website design. This is best done by communicating before during and after the design phase of the website.

The second important factor in a good website design is to have easy navigation. If a visitor cannot navigate through your website, you will lose many potential customers.

web-design-pallette.jpgWe at Cityline Websites in Surrey BC, have the following comments on great website design / web layouts not just for small businesses.

There are also practical considerations when designing a websites. These include justification on the screen (left or centered), width of content (generally 800px wide to 100% of screen width), and the amount of scrolling to get where you need to go.

You only have a few short seconds to impress a visitor. The website design / layout must encourage further investigation. Then you must "funnel" your visitors to your goals - perhaps a newsletter signup, or an online purchase, or a phone call.

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