The Best Website Hosting

Super Fast Dedicated Servers with Solid State Drives

Storage of your website files is called hosting. Think of it as renting an apartment. Your website needs a place to live. The apartment is called a server in the website world. Cityline Websites manages your apartment which is part of an entire apartment building owned by some super rich guy.

Cityline Websites uses top of the line servers for hosting your website.

Reasons Why Cityline Website Hosting is Great

  • We use dedicated servers (we don’t share with anyone else)
  • We backup files nightly, plus have an additional backup on a separate drive
  • Or servers are super reliable (knock on wood).  No more downtime. (knock on wood again)
  • We have solid state drives which are way faster than the standard drives
  • We use monitoring software to tell us the moment your website goes down. So we'll know before you do!
  • We look after everything for you
  • If you have any issues, email or call us directly.
  • For Canadian Clients, we use a Canadian Server – which means the US can’t get access to your files
  • For US clients we can use our California based server.

Speed Makes a Huge Difference!

Your website hosting needs to be fast. You need a great server (along with great programming) so that your website loads fast – for both the user and Google. Slow websites are BAD!

Servers used by Cityline are some of the best. Speed will not be an issue.

Please note, that in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the server, we don’t generally host websites that we haven’t built.

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