Custom Website Designs Vs Website Templates


When the time comes for a new website for your business it can be hard to know whether you should use a website template or invest in a custom designed website.

Website platforms such as WordPress and Wix tempt users with their cheaper upfront costs and shorter development times. Unfortunately, there are many downfalls with using a template for your website that can lead to more headaches and out-of-pocket expenses for you.

The biggest potential downfall of template designs is that they aren’t set up well for SEO. Search engine robots often have a hard time deciphering template sites and that means less website traffic for you.

A website template can be used by other businesses. Using a template customized for a specific business type runs the risk of competing businesses using the same template. In this digital age, potential customers view your website before they make the decision to contact you. Your website needs to stand out from your competitors, not be a duplicate.

You could pay a website developer to customize a template for your business. Many template companies such as ThemeForest and Template Monster offer this option for an additional cost. However, there are limitations on the amount of customization that can be done and when platforms such as WordPress are updated, you run the risk that your template customization can become “broken” and lead to your website failing to display properly and in the worst case, crashing.

So Why Choose A Custom Designed Website For Your Business?

When you choose a custom designed website by a professional website development company like Cityline Websites, your website will be completely tailored to your business. Our website design process includes a client questionnaire so can we understand your business, who your target audience is, any special functionality your website needs and how you want the website to look.

A custom designed site will improve your search engine rankings. We design for SEO. At Cityline Websites, we know the importance of optimizing website designs for Google and ensuring your website displays properly across different browsers. Our websites are designed to be responsive. We will design exactly how your site will look when being viewed on different devices with various screen sizes like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Best of all when you select a custom designed website with Cityline Websites, you are working with a team of website designers, programmers and SEO experts who are experienced in all things web. Leave your website design to the experts. We will use our combined knowledge to design a website that not only looks good but performs well too!

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