Persuasion Momentum

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According to the Online Marketing Institute, it takes somewhere between 7 and 13 “touches” to deliver qualified leads, which is especially the case when prospects are considering making a substantial purchase. In these cases, they need time to research the product, review and compare others, and then make an action. To effectively market to these prospects, small businesses must acknowledge this behavior and determine a strategy that can reach customers at each of these touch points and ultimately generate leads and sales.

Did you know that 98% of consumers don’t convert upon their first visit to small business websites? Examining the process which buyers take to make a major purchase can help in determining where and how to reach them. Consumers within your target market will begin by determining and identifying a general problem which would cause them to need a product or service. At this point, they may start researching on the Internet for something suitable to their needs and become aware of their options.

Once they have identified a selection of possible contenders, they will look at specific features, reviews, and comparisons to determine which is best matched to what they are looking for. At the end, they will identify which is the best fit for them and make the purchase accordingly. People do hop back and forth within the process, making marketing to them more challenging than if they followed the straight path.  This is where persuasion momentum comes into play.

Some tactics that you should consider to obtain those necessary 7 to 13 touches include standard remarketing, search companion, remarketing lists for search advertisers, video remarketing, social remarketing, and Facebook custom audiences. Each of these tactics may have more value to your small business than others, and conducting some trial and error will be needed to get the right mix for your business goals. And, experienced online marketing agency can help you develop and implement a customized plan to help you achieve the optimum amount of advertisement exposure.

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