SEO – Cityline Search Engine Optimization Program

by Willy Grieve | January 28th, 2012 | in SEO |    0comments

SEO is the process of getting a website to do better on the search engine rankings. Clients come to us all the time, wanting to do better on Google. “Hi, I want to be ranked #1 on Google”. Great, give me 2 days and I’ll get you there…. Doesn’t work that way. There are several steps to moving up in the website rankings. Our abbreviated approach is as follows:

We can do a search to see who’s at the top of the search engines – anyone can do that. But why are they there? What do they have in common? That requires more work. Google looks at 200+ variables when determining where to put your website. Some of these may include the use of titles, or quantity of text on a page, images, or maybe video content… We don’t know what they are. Only Google knows that.


Having said that, no website is perfect. That’s great news for the small business looking to do well on Google. So this means that your website just has to be less imperfect than the others out there to do do better on Google.

So step 1 to our approach is to analyze the top sites. See what they are all doing the same to rank highly on Google – then do the same. Then areas where they differ, we can determine where we can improve. Once we’ve made our site better, then we should do well.

Sounds easy, right. Well it’s not! There are several external factors in determining the website positions. This includes in a big part the links to your website. Developing Links is not a simple task and takes work. It requires writing of articles, getting people to like your articles and as a courtesy link back to you. The more links, and the better the page ranks, the better you’ll do.

Step 2 is to build links back to your site – involve you and contribute to creating these links including for social media, blog articles, press releases. It’s a tailored program for each company…

This is just a simplified view of the main steps of our search engine optimization program. Give us a call for more information.