Tracking Search Engine Rankings the Easy Way

by Willy Grieve | October 4th, 2011 | in SEO |    0comments

OK – I’ve always promoted doing things the right way. I figured determining positions on Google is best done manually. That way you know it’s done right. Well, I came across Advanced Website Rankings and now am using this instead. So below is my little blurb on it’s features. For a company that does SEO, such as Cityline Websites, it saves a tonne of time and does so much more than I can realistically do.

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Make SEO Tracking & Reporting Easy with AWR
Websites today have to do more than look good. Website ranking success is comprised of specific, critical components that ensure the site is found by the right people during relevant organic searches. We have made it a priority to educate ourselves and stay at the forefront of cutting edge website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, opportunities and tools. Advanced Web Ranking is SEO Software helping us do just this.

As an SEO and Website company, SEO work can often seem a bit nebulous to clients. The challenge is then placed on the company to provide measurable results to indicate the success of their client’s SEO Internet Campaign. Often this entails manually generating reports, pulling data from multiple sources. This is time consuming and often does not allow for an optimal, professional presentation. And most clients today are relying on their SEO Company to deliver results. They don’t have much time for website management and are leaving it to the experts to deliver the results – they don’t want to have to pore through numbers to figure out if those results were delivered.


Advanced Web Ranking provides the resources to deliver timely, detail rich, professional looking reports to your clients. It also provides SEO companies with tools and information to make intelligent adjustments to their client’s SEO campaigns and websites. Some of the features AWR offers include: The ability to import your existing Keyword list, as well as a Keyword Research and Analysis tools. Identifying the words used most often in searches for your business type ensure the best chance of being found during search engine searches.

Once you have collected the data through auto generated dates, you have the flexibility to Export, Upload through Ftp or Print Reports. You can even set up auto emails to generate for each client.
Along with results for all the major search engines, AWR offers the ability to track Google Maps and Yahoo Local search engines, allowing you to see results specific to a city or region.
In addition to capturing and reporting SEO information, AWR offers Project Management. This is an especially handy way to track all relevant job information in one location. You can set up proxy projects for clients in different regions so you can view the same results they see in their local browser. This enhances your ability to accurately serve clients you may have out of your immediate area.

Often I have clients that the entire purpose of their website is to do better than a particular competitor. AWR allows you to track all the results for your competitor as well. Then you can graph the results and prove you are the SEO master.

For the complex options and data AWR provides, you would think it might be complex to manage. This is not the case. AWR has great online tutorials and help database that make it easy to begin successfully using their product. And if you get stuck, their support team is ready to help.

So this sounds a bit like a shameless plug, but when I like something, I talk it up. Check it out at http://www.advancedwebranking.com/

AWR offers a Free trial. This gives you a chance to see for yourself why your clients will benefit from the information and resources provided by Advanced Web Ranking.