Adding Followers on Facebook and Twitter

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If you are looking to sell to the local market, here is a quick and easy way to get more people to follow you on both Twitter and Facebook.

Offer an incentive. Maybe it is a discount, maybe a free draw for sports tickets or to an event in town.
Post a tweet or two on Twitter advertising the incentive (eg draw for professional hockey tickets). State in your tweet that the lucky winner will have to like your Facebook page. Make sure to supply a link to your Facebook page. This gives you the client as both a Twitter follower and a Facebook “liker”.

Now look for Twitter people who could be both your client and would get use of your incentive (eg people who follow the hockey team and would love to win tickets). Start following these people, but be careful – you cannot follow too many at once (currently 1000 per day, 2000 maximum depending on the number that follow you back). If the incentive is good enough, they will follow – first on Twitter and then on Facebook.

This gives you a head start on marketing to a potentially great target audience. Now it’s your job to make them your client. Tweet wisely and post useful information on Facebook or you’ll lose these people.

Good Luck.

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